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Smart Electomagnetic Detector & Smart Geiger for Android & iOS Phones


We are now authorised resellers for the Gamma Master Watch by Polimaster


Scientific, Commercial & Special Interest Applications

The Pocket Geiger Counter is an accessory for the Apple iOS or Android device, which works with an accompanying, free downloadable App. To use the Pocket Geiger Counter, simply connect it to your smartphone audio output, load the app, and let it use its photodiode sensors to detect nearby radiation and report the results to the app.
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  • Platforms

    Available for both IOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones and other devices.

  • Range

    0.05 uSv/h ~ 10mSv/h (Cs-137)
    0.01cpm ~ 300Kcpm

  • Certification

    Certified by the Dutch Metrology Institute
    No.3320408 (Download)

  • Delivery

    As EU distributors for the Pocket Geiger Counter, we deliver quickly and provide your support